Templars are the warriors of the land. They cut down swaths of enemies with their mighty Two Handed Swords, and usually have the best armor around. Some Templars have even started using ferocious Two Handed Axes. They can take and give out the most punishment of all the races, but to balance out their brute force the gods have left them without much spell power. They can only cast the most basic of spells, like Protection, Enhance Weapon, and Bless. Also, they cannot regain mana from Meditating, something the other races have all mastered. Fighting skills max out at 90, and magic skills max at 30.

This leaves them quite weak without proper support from another speller. Thus, it is always wise to carry around mana potions in order to refill your mana in case you can't find a nearby speller.

In order to become an Arch Templar, you must get 90 strength and agility. To become a Seyan'Du, you must kill the Gatekeeper.

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