In the beginning of your life, town quests are the easiest way to rank up. There are people scattered throughout the town that you can speak to, and they will tell you about their quest. Doing quests will provide you with new skills and experience which will help you greatly.

Every server has a different version of these quests. Below are charts for the quests of some of the servers. They are numbered from least difficult to most difficult.


Note: The swimming skill and Lancelot Village quests are not included.

# Skill Who to talk to Where to Go What to Get
1 Bartering Jamil Thieves House Gold Amulet
2 Enhance Weapon Sirjan Haunted Castle Gold Belt
3 Recall Inga Cursed Tomb Ruby
4 Repair Jefferson Joe's House Bronze Armor
5 Curse/Surround Hit Gordon Haunted Tower Spirit of Ishtar
6 Stun/Immunity Ingrid Haunted Tower Spirit of Ankh
7 Lockpicking Steven Templar Outlaws Barbarian Sword
8 Axe Hezakoh Skeleton Lord Greater Healing Potion
9 Bless Cirrus Thieves House (basement) Ruby Amulet
10 Resistance Serena Serena's House Sword of Stealth
11 Rest Leopold Underground I Ratling Fighter's Eye
12 Heal Gunther Dungeon of Doors Amulet of Resistance
13 Sense Magic Manfred Mine I Silver Ring w/ Small Ruby
14 Identify Nasir Magic Maze Greater Mana Potion
  • The quests Ingrid and Gordon give depend on your race, if you are a Harakim/Mercenary you get Curse/Stun, if you are a Templar you get Surround Hit/Immunity, if you are a Seyan'Du you can get all four

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